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Employee Welfare

1. Labor insurance, health insurance, group insurance and overseas travel accident insurance.
2. To monthly contribute 6% of personnel’s wage as their pension and deposit it in the personal labor pension account established in the Bureau of Labor Insurance.
3. If there is surplus at the end of a business year, the company will appropriate a certain ratio of the surplus as the personnel’s year-end bonus.
4. To offer stock option and dividends to personnel. 
5. To distribute uniforms to personnel every year.
6. To offer free lunch, dinner and the meals for overtime working at the employees canteen.
7. To periodically conduct employee health examination.
8. To set up senior personnel and model personnel prizes, and periodically as well as publicly award the prizes to encourage good personnel. 
9. To sponsor overseas and local travels, year-end dinner party and lucky-draw activity, give cash gift on the labor’s day, Dragon Boat Festival and Moon Festival and prepare presents for personnel’s birthdays every year.
10.  To offer congratulation or consolation cash to personnel for their getting married, birth giving, hospitalization, and death (The offer also extends to personnel’s parents, spouses, children, and siblings).
11. To work out a yearly profession, industrial safety, management and compatibility training plan every year as needed, and open courses according to the plan to help personnel grow with the company.