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Alumina is widely used in various technical applications due to its excellent characteristics.  Alumina substrates which Leatec provides are produced with high quality raw materials and strick quality control system.

For specific type, these alumina ceramics feature a variety of properties:

Alumina SubstrateGood mechanical strength
Good heat conductivity and fire resistance
Good corrosion and wear resistance
Very good electric insulation

The alumina substrates also possess several unique features:

Good surface with high smoothness/flatness and less porosity
High resistance to heat shock
Low warpage and camber
Stable in very high temperature and corrosive chemical
Very stable breaking strength and shape/dimension variance

Characteristics of Material:

Item Material 96%Al2O3
Appearance - White
Bulk Density g/c.c. >3.72
Grain Size Average μm 3~4
Water Absorption - Nil
Thermal Characteristics Thermal Conductivity W/mk 24
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion ×10-6/℃RT~800℃ 8.0
Electrical Characteristics Dielectric Strength KV/mm 15
Volume Resistivity Ohmcm >1014
Dielectric Constant 1MHz 9.8
Dielectric Loss Angle 1MHz(×10-4) 3
Mechanical Characteristics Flexure Strength Mpa >350
Surface Morphology 96%Al2O3

The presented value are typical material properties and were determined for test samples and follow testing standard. It may vary according to production configuration and manufacturing process. It do not a guarantee for certain properties. Leatec reserve the right to make technical changes.

Chip Resistor Substrate:


Thick and thin film chip resistors substrate and resistor arrays substrate

High dissipated ceramic circuit board for LED

Power module for the automotive industry

RF modules


General Dimensional Specification:

Substrate for Chip Resistors

Chip Resistor size Part No. Dimension Thickness Unit Size
L*W(mm) (mm) L*W(mm)
2512 CR0126 60.00×49.50 0.50±0.05 6.30×3.10
2010 CR0198 60.00×49.50 0.50±0.05 4.90×2.40
1218 CR0180 60.00×49.50 0.50±0.05 3.00×4.50
1210 CR0360 60.00×49.50 0.50±0.05 3.00×2.50
1206 CR0660 60.00×49.50 0.50±0.05 3.00×1.50
CR0874 69.46×60.0 0.50±0.04 3.02×1.49
0805 CR1102 60.45×49.50 0.47±0.05 1.95×1.20
CR1598 70.00×60.00 0.47±0.04 1.94×1.21
0603 CR2166 60.00×49.60 0.40±0.05 1.50×0.80
CR3080 70.00×60.00 0.40±0.04 1.50×0.80
0402 CR5520 60.00×49.50 0.28±0.03 0.95×0.48
0201 HR6049 60.00×49.50 0.20±0.02 withoutpunch
HR7060 70.00×60.00 0.18±0.02 withoutpunch

Substrate for Resistor Arrays

Resistor Array size Part No. Dimension Thickness Unit Size
L*W(mm) (mm) L*W(mm)
0603×4 CA504A 60×49.5 0.50±0.05 1.50×3.20
0603×8 CA429B 60×49.5 0.50±0.05 1.50×3.20
0402×4 CA1276 60×49.5 0.40±0.04 0.92×2.0