Lapping and Polishing Substrates

We supply highly fine surface finish substrates by lapping and polishing. Excellent flatness and thickness consistency of the substrates are very suitable for microwave substrates and solar opto-electrical products in dicing saw or printing applications.

Surface Feature

96%Al2O3 As-fired Substrate Surface Characteristics

96%Al2O3 As-fired Substrate Surface Characteristics

96%Al2O3 Lapped Substrate Surface Finish Characteristics

96%Al2O3 Lapped Substrate Surface Finish Characteristics

Flatness – Both Sides


Size(inch) Standard Premium
4.5”×4.5”×0.015” 0.35 0.20
4.5”×4.5”×0.025” 0.20 0.12
4.5”×4.5”×0.06” 0.10 0.05
4.5”×4.5”×0.08” 0.10 0.05