Alumina is widely used in various technical applications due to its excellent characteristics. Alumina Ceramic Core Leatec provides are produced with high quality raw materials and serve quality control system.

Depending on specific type, these alumina ceramics feature a variety of properties:

Good mechanical strength
Good heat conductivity and fire resistance
Good corrosion and wear resistance
Very good electric insulation

Characteristics of Material

Item Material Al2O3
Appearance - White
Bulk Density g/c.c. 3.72
Flexural Slrength Mpa 320
Dielectric Constant - 9.5
Loss Factor 10-3 <10
Volume Resistivity Ohm-cm 1010

The presented value are typical material properties and were determined for test samples and follow testing standard. It may vary according to production configuration and manufacturing process. It do not a guarantee for certain properties. Leatec reserve the right to make technical changes.