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Announcement for the company's dividend distribution resolved by the board of directors


1. Date resolved by the board of directors: March 11, 2008
2. Dividend distribution categories and amounts:
   (1) Cash dividends to be distributed: NT$0.45 per share
   (2) Stock dividends to be distributed: NT$0
3. Other items required to be explained:
   (1) To plan to distribute employee cash dividends of NT$759,141 without stock dividends.
   (2) To plan to distribute director/supervisor remuneration of NT$759,141. 
   (3) No employee stock dividends will be distributed, so the ratio of capital increase by earnings recapitalization is 0% and the ratio of this year's total shares from transferred capital increase is also 0%
   (4) Based on the distribution of employee dividends and director/supervisor remuneration, the after-tax EPS is NT$0.49.
   (5) After the resolution to be made in the shareholders' meeting, the board of directors will be authorized to give the ex-div. base day to distribute dividends.