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Announcement of matters regarding derivative instrument transactions


2.Date of Event: 2008 / 03 / 12
3.Amount: US$ 1M of structured products which are linked to foreign currency deposit and foreign currency equity option
4.Amount of margin or premium paid: none
5. The limit of all or individual loss amount stipulated in processing procedures: the risk has been evaluated and controlled in advance, therefore there is no loss limit.
6.The purpose of derivative instrument transactions: hedge
7.Hedged item: USD
8.Hedged amount: US$1M
9. The profit or loss for hedged item: N/A
10. The profit or loss amount in fail value (including recognized and unrealized): Held-to-maturity financial instruments
11. Cause of loss and impact to the company: none
12. Term: 2008 / 03 / 12 ~ 2010 / 03 / 15
13. Restriction clauses: N/A
14. Other important agreements: none
15. Any other matters that need to be specified: none