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Organization and businesses engaged by respective major divisions
Div. name Responsible businesses
General manager office Company’s mid-term and long-term strategic planning. 
Track and auditing of implementation effects of the projects handed down by the board of directors. 
Planning of the company’s business operation conferences, performance tracking, and implementation and arrangement of various legal affairs.
Auditing office Implementation and maintenance of a variety of internal control systems.
Product planning office Formulation of new product technique development strategy and implementation of related businesses.
Sales division Planning, supervision and review of marketing plans and drafting of product prices. 
Development of new customers and new markets, communication and coordination for customers and other divisions of the company. 
Institution and improvement of a variety of sales procedures and regulations.
Financial division Implementation of capital deployment, financial accounting, cost accounting, taxation accounting and stock affairs. 
Implementation of trans-investment related businesses. 
Control, management and review of expenses and budgets.
Administration division Implementation of personnel appointment, removal, promotion, attendance, performance, retirement, insurance, educational training, personnel relationship, safety and health, etc. 
Implementation of a variety of purchasing businesses related to equipment, raw material, and general affairs, etc. 
Implementation and maintenance of a variety of computer equipment, on-line connectivity and electronic operation systems, etc.
Production division Implementation of the affairs related to production plans, production capacity management, production equipment addition and maintenance and production management, etc. 
Achievement of quality goal and enhancement of process capacity. 
Control of production scheduling and progress, and management of raw material warehouses and finished product warehouses.
Engineering division Improvement of design, equipment, process, operation and the applied materials. 
Determination of production process and formulation of manufacturing flow chart, standards working hours of respective work stations and production line efficiency formulae.
Q.A. division Quality inspection of the company’s products, formulation of quality policy, enhancement of product quality and maintenance as well as operation of the ISO quality system.
Product strategic task force Planning of the production of strategic products, management of production capacity, addition and maintenance of production equipment and implementation of the affairs related to production management. 
Achievement of quality goal and enhancement of process capacity.
R&D division Setting of the company’s product and technology development direction, planning of design, manufacturing, and testing related to process technology and product development, goal setting, R&D implementation, and integration as well as utilization of resources.
Data of directors and supervisors


Title Name Elected (inauguration) date Term Remarks
President Chen Qing-jin 2018.06.28 3 years  
Director Lai-You Xiu-min 2018.06.28 3 years  
Director Wu Tse-yao 2018.06.28 3 years  
Director Chen Jun-ting 2018.06.28 3 years  
Director ALPIN INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD 2018.06.28 3 years  
Independent Director Lai Shan-Guei 2018.06.28 3 years  
Independent Director Kuo Hsien-Chang 2018.06.28 3 years  
Supervisor Lieu Zhi-zhong 2018.06.28 3 years  
Supervisor Huang Lian-cheng 2018.06.28 3 years  
Supervisor Hung Jen-chieh 2018.06.28 3 years