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Operations implemented by major departments
Department Responsibilities
President’s Office 1. Company's medium to long-term strategic planning.
2. Tracking and auditing the implementation of projects assigned by the board of directors.
3. Planning and tracking of company's management meetings, execution of legal affairs, and operations.
Audit Office 1. Formulation and execution of annual audit plans.
2. Issuance of audit reports and subsequent improvement tracking.
3. Leading the revision of internal control and internal audit.
4. Annual self-assessment operations.
5. Completion of various reporting operations in accordance with laws and regulations.
6. Execution of project audits assigned by the board of directors.
Occupational Safety Office Development and maintenance of the occupational health and safety system for all factory workers.
Research and Development Department 1. Setting the direction for the company's product and technology development.
2. Designing processes, technologies, and related developments.
3. Planning and setting goals for manufacturing, testing, and other technologies.
New Materials Development Department 1. Initial development, feasibility, and benefit evaluation of new products/materials.
2. Establishment of key technologies and patent applications.
3. Analysis of advanced product applications and technology trends.
Production Department 1. Human resource allocation, equipment, cost budgeting, and evaluation of new product introduction in the annual production plan.
2. Production management, personnel scheduling planning, and education training.
3. Production process improvement, analysis of process issues, and recommendations.
Engineering Department 1. Establishing the basic framework of manufacturing processes for new products, including sample prototyping, mass production transfer, and guidance.
2. Development of derivative aluminum oxide substrate products.
3. Assisting the Production Department in diagnosing process issues and process improvement.
4. Planning and promoting the transformation of common processes for group ceramic products.
5. Technical or product support across different factory areas.
6. Preparation of standard work hours, equipment, material cost calculation data for new products.
7. Evaluation and implementation of alternative raw materials/components.
Quality Assurance Department 1. Maintenance and operation of ISO/IATF16949 quality systems.
2. Maintenance and operation of quality control and inspection.
3. Enhancement of business operations related to product quality.
Production Managent Department 1. Production scheduling, capacity planning, providing production value, and manpower analysis data.
2. Management of material and finished goods warehouses, as well as shipment management and related operations.
Plant Services Department 1. Maintenance and management of electrical/fire/public facilities in the factory area.
2. Dedicated handling and prevention of air pollution, wastewater treatment equipment, and waste disposal.
3. Supervision and acceptance of factory repair projects and construction fire permits.
4. Maintenance of company infrastructure and facilities.
Sales Department 1. Overall coordination, supervision, and review of marketing and sales plans, as well as pricing of products.
2. Development of new customers and markets, and coordination between customers and other departments of the company.
3. Establishment and improvement of sales procedures and methods.
Management Department 1. Personnel appointments, promotions, attendance, performance evaluations, retirement, insurance, education and training, and employee relations.
2. Execution and operation of procurement activities for equipment, raw materials, general affairs, and other items.
3. Execution, operation, and maintenance of computer equipment, network connections, electronic operating systems, and related tasks.
Finance Department 1. Execution and operation of fund allocation, financial accounting, cost accounting, tax accounting, and stock affairs.
2. Execution of various tasks related to investment.
3. Control and review of expense budgets.
Data of directors and supervisors


Title Name Elected (inauguration) date Term Remarks
Chairman Chen Qing-Jin 2021.07.22 3 years  
Vice Chairman Chen Jun-Ting 2021.07.22 3 years  
Director Wu Tse-Yao 2021.07.22 3 years  
Director Huang Lian-Cheng 2021.07.22 3 years  
Director ALPIN INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD 2021.07.22 3 years  
Independent Director Lai Shan-Guei 2021.07.22 3 years  
Independent Director Kuo Hsien-Chang 2021.07.22 3 years  
Independent Director Chen Meng-Wu 2021.07.22 3 years  
Independent Director Chen Jia-Rong 2021.07.22 3 years