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Established in 1991, LEATEC Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd is the only professional manufacturer of chip alumina fine ceramic substrates in Taiwan owning fine ceramic flat core process technology. Due to its professional technology and dedicating services, LEATEC has kept growing and been prosperous over the years. With its dedication to the industry, it has respectively developed high-voltage resistor substrates, variable resistor substrates, array substrates, chip resistor substrates and chip array substrates. On top of it, LEATEC has also invested in the development of car-used electronic substrates, such as LED package substrates, Hybrid IC substrates and sensor substrates, in recent years in the hope of fulfilling a quality policy which is “pursuit of personnel involvement, continuation to reinforce product and service quality, creation of customer value and establishment of long-term partnership with customers”, so it may always make headway toward perfection. For a long time, local resistor manufacturers had been controlled by Japanese for the supply and price of fine ceramic substrates material. Not until the rise of LEATEC has the fine ceramic substrates industry in Taiwan come to a new era.

With excellent quality of products, prompt delivery, thorough services and competitive price, LEATEC has been highly rated for its electronic components in the trade. Bearing the anticipation from its customers together with its own expectations, currently, LEATEC is aggressively working with its customers within and without to develop new products in the hope of being more innovative and giving more contribution to the global ceramic material industry, so as to set a good example in Taiwan’s ceramic material industry.


Devotion to the research and development of fine ceramic products. 
Offer of the products and services with uniqueness. 
Enhancement of customers’ added value and human civilization development.

Cooperate Values

● Good faith and cooperation 
● Customer orientation
● Novelty and innovation 
● Fulfillment of social responsibility

Business Philosophy

● Global thinking
● Concentration on core business
● Offer of unique value
● Pursuit of sustainable operation

Quality policy

● Pursuit of personnel involvement to continue to reinforce product and service quality. 
● Creation of customer value and establishment of long-term partnership with customers.